ISEF Advisory Council:

Shawn Hime, Ph.D. (Council Chair)
Executive Director, Oklahoma State School Boards Association

Pamela Deering, Ph.D. (Council Co Chair)
Executive Director, Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration

Jeffrey Maiden, Ph.D. (Council Member)
Senior Researcher and Director, Institute for the Study of Education Finance

ISEF Research Staff:

Jeffrey Maiden, Ph.D. (ISEF Senior Researcher and Director)
Professor, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Oklahoma

Michael Crowson, Ph.D. (ISEF Researcher)
Associate Professor, Educational Psychology, University of Oklahoma

Matthew Hendricks, Ph.D. (ISEF Researcher)
Associate Professor of Economics, The University of Tulsa

Scott Sweetland, Ph.D. (ISEF Research Fellow)
Professor of Educational Studies, The Ohio State University

Angela Urick, Ph.D. (ISEF Research Fellow)
Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership, Baylor University

Stephen Ballard, Ph.D. (ISEF research associate)
Chief Financial Officer, Leachco

Channa Byerly, Ph.D. (ISEF research associate)
Assistant Superintendent, Duncan Public Schools

Jonathan Myers, Ed.D. (ISEF research associate)
Assistant Superintendent, Noble Public Schools

Tammie Reynolds, Ph.D. (ISEF research associate)
Assistant Superintendent, Cache Public Schools